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Puppies - Double Dream Lovesett Ozzy for Mila Grandset

8 months



7,5 weeks ( photos by Dioskury )



7 weeks

5 weeks

  Double Dream Lovesett Ozzy for Mila Grandset
  Date of birth: 26.02.2008
  Gender: male

  Breeder: kennel "Double-Dream Lovesett"
  Owner: Alex Antonov, Moscow


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Rus Ch

Showpoint DJ Mila Grandset

hd A

FT qualified

Am Ch
Raggededge Red Labbel

Am Ch
Winsomes Music Maker
Am Ch
Brentwood Magnum PI
Am Ch
MacAlder Calendar Girl

Raggededge Big Time Return
Am Ch
Bit O'Gold Titan Timebomb
Raggededge Winter Sundance 
Kingpoint Celebrity
Am Ch
Rivermist Square Dancer
Am Ch
Woodsmoke'sClassic Alibi CD
Am Ch
Rivermist Arabella
Am Ch
Kingpoint Bagheera
Am Ch
Fair Isle The Bodygard
Magnolia Dances With Wolves
Rus Ch

hd A

FT qualified

Int Ch
 Rus, Bel, Est, Pl Ch
Kingpoint Everywhere

hd B
FT qualified
Am Ch
Once In A Blue Moon
Am ChWoodsmoke's
Classic Alibi CD
Am ChButeo's Dixie Of Windcrest
Am Ch
Kingpoint Afterthought
 Am Ch  Rivermist
Square Dancer
Am Ch  Kingpoint Bagheera

Rus Ch
 Dana Charoid
hd A
FT qualified

Field Ch
Lossfelteret's Rodger
Norway Ch
Orvila's Short
Norway Ch Lossfelteret's Roky Mountin

Int Ch
Charita Charoid 

Paks Z Cherniz
Int Ch Chara

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