Setters on Far East

Special Show for Gordon Setters
Judge : Smirnova Lyudmila, Moscow



R E S U L T S  and  P H O T O S

female juniors

Double Dream Lovesett Galatea - Junior Club Winner, Best in Show Junior !

Amazonka Red Flight - 2 excellent

Double Dream Lovesett Zlata - 3 excellent

Double Dream Lovesett Zlata - 3 excellent

Julaja - 4excellent

Henrique - 1 excellent, Best male-4

Ernest - 2 excellent

Ace Boy -  3 excellent

Dioskury Diarmaid - 1 excellent, Best male-3

Field of Dreams Cardinal -  1 excellent, Best male-2

Karmino Allegro - 1 excellent, Club Winner, Best male, BOB, Best in Show !!!


Females intermediate classTop females

Top females

Top females

Best male, Best female, Best junior

The winner of the category "Best Male head" - Field of Dreams Cardinal

The winner of the category "Best temperament" - Field of Dreams Cardinal


males, junior class
1.Double Dream Lovesett Dearly Beloved - CW, Junior Club Winner !

females, junior class
1.Double Dream Lovesett Galatea - CW, Junior Club Winner ,
Best in Show Junior !!!

2.Amazonka Red Flight - 2 excellent

3.Double Dream Lovesett Zlata- 3 excellent

4.Julaja - 4 excellent

5.Afina - 5 excellent

males, intermediate class
1.Henrique -  CW, Best male 4

2.Ernest - 2 excellent

3.Ase Boy - 3 excellent

males, working class
1.Dioskury Diarmaid -  CW, Best male-3

males, winners class
1.Field of Dreams Cardinal -  CW,Best male-2

males, champion class
1. armino Allegro - CW, Best male, Club Winner, BOB,
Best in Show !!!

females, intermediate class
1.Double Dream Lovesett Gleeful Song - CW, Best female-5

Sharliz de'Plusy -
2 excellent

Junona -
3 excellent

Shteffy Star - 4

Ella Red Fire - 5

females, open class
1.Katrin for Double Dream Lovesett - CW, Best female-4

females, working class
1.Double Dream Lovesett Aviadji -  CW, Best female, Club Winner, BOS

females, winners class
1.Contario Ode Velvet Lily -  CW, Best female-3

females, champion class
1.¬erboss Red-Light - CW, Best female-2

Placement of males:
1. armino Allegro
2.Field of Dreams Cardinal
Dioskury Diarmaid

Placement of females:
1.Double Dream Lovesett Aviadji
2.¬erboss Red-Light
3.Contario Ode Velvet Lily
4.Katrin for Double Dream Lovesett
5.Double Dream Lovesett Gleeful Song

Since the end of the show, there have been several competitions.
The winner of the category "Best Male Head" -
Field of Dreams Cardinal !!!

The winner of the category "Best Female Head" -
Double Dream Lovesett Aviadji !!!

Best pair -  armino Allegro x Double Dream Lovesett Aviadji !!!

The winner of the category "Best temperament "  -
Field of Dreams Cardinal !!!


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