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Dogs - Lucksheray Shake The World

Lucksheray Shake The World
Date of birth: 27.07.2021
Gender: male
Breeder:Tatiana Chernysheva
Owner: Nina Domanskaya @ Double Dream Loveset" kennel, Vladivostok

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Junior  Champion of Russia
Junior Champion of RKF
BEST IN SHOW junior Winner



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Ruc, Grand, Club Ch.
jun.Rus Ch.
 Lucksheray One In A Million
HD - B, ED-00
Sheradin's Star Martini Bianco Editions Lions Tigers And Bears Merriman & Stardoom Fire
At Hiddenlane JM
 Editions Swimsuit Edition
 Black Velvet For Arisland Windswept's Reflection of A Legacy
Fairray Jetset
Kentavros Ivi of Lucksheray
Lucksheray From Rolex Specklvest Polaris
 Fairray Nightmare
Sevenoaks Queen of Kentavros Editions Kryptonite
Sagebrush Bull MTNS
 Judee CGN
Rus Ch.
jun.Rus, Club Ch.

 Goto Predestinatsiya Vanity Fair
HD - A


 Lucksheray From Rolex
Specklvest Polaris Set'r Ridge's Free Trade
Set'r Ridge's Bold Dreamer
 Fairray Nightmare Latin Lover The Boss
Fairray Duchess
 Princess Pride Alabama
 Set'r Ridges On Broadway Set'r Ridge's Royal Heir
Set'r Ridge's Enlightened

Set'r Ridge's Young At Heart

Set'r Ridge's Smooth Operator
Set'r Ridge's  Pure Gosper

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