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Dogs - Irish Setter Double Dream Loveset Galaxy

12 weeks

7 weeks

Double Dream Loveset Galaxy 

Date of birth: 26.04.2011
Gender: female
Breeder: Julia Guseva
Owner: Julia Guseva,
Double Dream Lovesett kennel
Sealth tests
HD - AA (FCI - A)
Clear of PRA (rcd4 mutation)
Show results
Russian Champion
Romanian Champion

Club Champion
Russian Junior Champion
Romanian Junior Champion
Club Junior Champion



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Junior World Club Winner - 2009
res. World junior Winner - 2009
Grand Ch. Ukrainian
Ch. Latvian, Estonian, Russian, Belarus, Poland, Ukrainian
Jun.Ch. Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Baltic, Belarus, Russian
Dubliner Mac Cloud

HD -

Jonola Dr. Doolittle
hd A
Lochfrae Ralph Lauren
Jonola Adonis At Redchester JW
Lochfrae Miss Saigon
Jonola Bellestar Jonola Southernconnection
GBSHCH Jonola Libertybelle
Honeygardens Imitation
hd A
Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale VDHCh Goldings Jeroboam
Temptress Of The Golden Vale

Honeygardens Face The Destiny

Eel Garden's Trick Or Treat
Honeygardens Destiny
2(6) excellent - European Winner-2006
Ch. Russian, RKF,
Jun.Ch. Russian

Berboss Red-Light

HD - A

Field qualified (D-II)

Ernest of the
Hot Steppers

HD - A
Grand Ch.
Extinguished Robin

HD - A
CLAD-free, MO-free
Caspians Intrepid
Erinade Bewildered
Berboss Gooseberry  Viktor of the
Hunter's Home
 Berboss Flash Light

Hung. Ch.
Number One

HD - A

Grand Ch.
Gin Tonic of the
Hunter's Home

HD - A
Endless Touch of the
Hunter's Home
Your Wish of the
Hunter's Home

Hung. Ch.
Berboss Hedgehog

Extinguished Robin
Berboss Flash Light

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