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RUSSIAN Champion
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RKF Champion
RFLS Champion, RFSS Champion
RFOS Champion, OANKOO Champion

2BIS-2, 2xBIS-3, BIS-4, BIS-5 

30, 30, 5IB
20BIG-1, 8BIG-2, 2BIG-3 

Field qualified (2D-II)

Dioskury Diarmaid (Diar)

Date of birth: 18.11.2002
Gender: dog
Breeder: Nino Lazareva, kennel Dioskury
Owner: Julia Guseva, kennel Double-Dream Lovesett
Diar was a first Irish setter to conquer our family's hearts with his unique, not at all doggy temperament. None of our friends call him a dog his rather a man, moreover, a gentleman in its beat sense, always full with dignity and nobility. Not interested in dog society at all, Diar feels more cosy in a human company; being paid a compliment makes him totally happy.

Jashenka, as we call him at home, is ready to communicate with kind (kind means setter-loving here) people 24 hours a day. Hes always in good mood, his eyes shine with joy, love and devotion. I have never seen such a noble and kindhearted dog! 

Diar offspring:


Bright Souls Double Trouble

CLAD clear (NN)

Thendara Derek

CLAD clear (NN)

Sh Ch Thendara Okay Yaa
Sh Ch Clonageera Genesis Sh Ch Sowerhill Sahib
Clonageera Megan
Sh Ch Bardonhill Sea Breeze Over Thendara Sh Ch Kerryfair Night Fever
Barleydale Ooh-La-La it's Bardonhill

Bardonhill Bikini
Sh Ch 
Kerryfair Night Fever
Sh Ch Sowerhill Sahib
Cornevon Spring Melody
Ooh-La-La Its Bardonhill
Sh Ch Bardonhill Supergrass
Barleydale Mopsa

Bright Soul's Believe in Me

CLAD clear (NN)

Cordonis Ritell


Bucanneer of Clonageera
Sh Ch Jason of Andana of Clonageera
Clonageera Harmoney
Cordonis Orizaba
Dino of Wendover
Cordonis Kinni


Wendover Jarvis
Sh Ch Wendover Jeeves
Wendover Kate
Coronet Springsong
Wendover Gangster
Cornevon Springtime

Int,Rus, Bel Ch Cantera
Linda Dioskury

CLAD clear (NN)
PRA clear

FT qual

Sh Ch Shenanagin Some Might 
Say It's Bardonhill

HD 7:5
CLAD clear (NN)
PRA clear

Sh Ch Thendara Kennedy
Sh Ch Thendara Okay Yaa Sh Ch Clonageera Genesis
Sh Ch Bardonhill Sea Breeze Over Thendara
Bardonhill Bikini Sh Ch Kerryfair Night Fever
Ooh-La-La Its Bardonhill

Take That To Shenanagin
Sh Ch Shenanagin Stockbroker Sh Ch Bardonhill
Team Spirit at Wynjill
Sh Ch Shenanagin
Sugar And Spice
Fearnley Firefantasy Wendover Raffles
Fearnley Firesable

Cantera Waltz

HD 10:6
CLAD clear (NN)
PRA clear

Power of Love
Sh Ch
Clonageera Genesis
Sh Ch Sowerhill Sahib
Sh Ch Clonageera Megan
Lovin' at Smallcroft
Cornevon Holland Magic
Cornevon Merrymaker

Kegil Dancing Refrain at Cantera

hd 10:4

Smallcroft Trevelyan of Kegil Sh Ch Clonageera Tarka
Cornevon Merrymaker
Kegil Dancing
In The Dark

Kerryfair Stayin' Alive

Kegil Dancing Debut


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