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12 month

Bewin Black Coffee (Grand)
HD - A
Date of birth: 29.03.2005
Gender: dog
Breeder: Elina Heliander, kennel Bewin, Finland
Owner: Mashkovtzev Alexey, Khabarovsk

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Russian Junior Champion
Russian  Champion
Club Champion
RKF Champion

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Grand was born in Finland, on a coast of Baltic sea, in kennel Bewin.
At two months he has done a difficult and long way from the Native land through Moscow and Vladivostok up to Khabarovsk, having shown on this travel the best qualities: steadiness and calmness, high intelligence and tranquility, patience and endurance, despite of his early age. And even bravery: it was necessary to communicate with his adult relatives.

He is active and friendly with with other dogs and not shy at all, asserting his interests. As well as all puppies he can be naughty - to chew shoes, furniture to jump on a sofa for getting his beloved toy or simply to kiss the owner. He is disaccustoming to bad habits. 
There are also some achievements. By 3 months he has learned to float and knows the basic commands... To all other, he is a surprisingly charming, beautiful, naughty crature with a human sight. It is necessary to fall in love with him!

WW- 02, AW-02, SW-02  
Triseter Ebonie Scot

Aust Grand Ch
Taram Talara Thomas
Aust & Am Ch Taram Shannara Showman Aust Ch Taram
Indianna Jones
Kqrac Sef Gaelic Grace
Aust Ch Taram Etrayu Lara Aust Ch Latchmere Navajo Joe

Aust Ch Warchant
Forest Fairy

Aust Ch
Triseter Ebonie Jayde
NZ Ch, Aust Grand Ch
Triseter Black Vader
Aust Ch Latchmere Navajo Joe
Aust Ch Kqrac Kirrie Krista
Aust Ch
Triseter Ebonie Dallas
Rokeena Black Thor
Triseter Black Witch
Int Ch
 Caballus Ebonie Amanda

WW-95,96,97 EuW Int Ch Shannas Journalist
Sh Ch Wickenberry Philosopher at Liric
Sh Ch Lochfain The Noble Dragon
Wickenberry Hallmark
Shannas Midnight Breeze Winterwood Willow
Sh Ch Winckenberry Mystique

 Triseter Ebonie Nerissa
NZ Ch, Aust Grand Ch  Triseter Black Vader  Aust Ch Latchmere Navajo Joe
Aust Ch Kqrac Kirrie Krista
Aust Ch
Triseter Ebonie Lainie
Aust Ch Triseter Ebonie Dude
Aust Ch Triseter Ebonie Belle

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