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6 months

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Double Dream Loveset British Victory
Date of birth: 11.04.2010
Gender: female
Breeder: Julia Guseva, Juriy Mamporiya
Owner: Budko Asya, Novosibirsk

Show results
Russian  Grand Champion
Russian  Champion
National Club Champion
RKF Champion



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World Winner 2009
Lv, Ltu, Bel Ch
Fin Sert CAC
Est Sert CAC
Winner of Belarus 2009
Junior World Vice-Champion 2008
Junior Champion of Baltia
, Estonia, Lithuania,

Multi BIS

Yukki Hill Santana Blues

hd AA
ed 00
Aust Ch

Triseter Ebonie Yarra

NZ Ch, Aust Grand Ch
Triseter Black Vader
Aust Ch
 Latchmere Navajo Joe
 Чемпион Австралии
Kqrac Kirrie Krista
Aust Ch
Triseter Ebonie Page
 Чемпион Австралии
Triseter Ebonie Dude
 Чемпион Австралии
Triseter Ebonie Kirrie
WW-08, EW-08
Blr Ch, Rus Ch, RKF Ch,
Balt Ch, Se Ch, Hu Ch,
Est Ch, Lt Ch, Lv Ch,
Baltic Winner-06, 07

Club Euro Winner-08
Showpoint Be Pop A Lula 
hd - A
 Aust Ch ,
 Am Ch , Can Ch,

Triseter Ebonie Nirvana
 NZ Ch, Aust Grand Ch
Triseter Black Vader
Aust Ch
Triseter Ebonie Lainie
Kingpoint Celebrity Am Ch
Rivermist Square Dancer
Am Ch
Kingpoint Bagheera
Rus, RKF Ch.
Rus jun. Ch.

Double Dream Lovesett
Magic Night

hd АA
ed 00

Int Ch, Grand Ch,
Poland Winner-08,
Rus, Swe, Est, Lv, Ltu, Balt, Pol, Blr Champion

Sangerfield Clan Curator
hd А
FT qualified
AW-02, SW-02
Triseter Ebonie Scot
hd A
Aust Grand Ch
Taram Talara Thomas
Aust Ch
Triseter Ebonie Jayde
Poland, Rus Ch
Free Mind's Cleopatra
hd B, FT qualified
Multi Ch
Lourdace Crispin  hd A
Sl Ch
Ludstar Marbella hd A  
Rus Ch, RKF Ch
Club Winner-08
Ludstar Victoria

hd В

FT qualified
BOB Crufts-03
BOB Crufts-06
Int Ch
Ludstar Tamburello
hd С
, Int Ch
Shannas Journalist
hd B
JWW, Int Ch
Ludstar Sterlina 
hd B

Italy, Monako
Liric Summer Liaison with Ludstar

hd A

JWW, EuW, Int Ch
Caballus Ebonie Adonis Ludstar  hd A
Italy Ch
Liric An Affair to Remember

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